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Centralize your data and automate processes

Understand the new normal and accelerate recovery

Uncover key insights for data-driven decisions 

Gain insight on which locations are on-track and which require additional effort with visibility into the real-time revenue, occupancy, and transaction performance of your locations.

A powerful, detailed view of your locations

Get the insight you need to make pricing decisions, allocate staffing needs, and better understand your consumer behavior with detailed breakdowns.

Parking industry benchmark

Gain cross-board visibility of the parking market - nationally and locally. Keep a pulse on how your locations stack up to better assess competitive gaps and develop a data-driven action plan. 

"It used to take me 3 hrs/day to run the reports from our PARCS, as our clients are really interested in how occupancy and price change day to day. Now, I can get them immediately. I can also make data-driven decisions on staffing and pricing for an event day."

- Christina Murray, General Manager - Premier Parking

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Features at a glance

Daily Email Digest & Alerts

Customized to highlight the metrics most relevant to your business. Anomaly detection can alert users on specified occupancy levels.

Oversell Analysis

This unique feature uses your historical peak occupancy to  provide you with an oversell recommendation per location.​

Competitor Pricing

Stay competitive with visibility into competitor locations  pricing on various online sales portals and get price change alerts.

Key Performance Indicators 

Get the visibility you need with a granular breakdowns such as: date range, 1-click YOY comparison, parker type, system type and more.

Projection Capabilities 

The system uses your locations' historical and real-time data to predict future occupancy, transaction and revenue for up to 30 days.


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