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Business Intelligence

Real-time monitoring

Real-time parking occupancy in each parking facility will be displayed in the dashboard of the management system,
and will be updated in real time.

Oversell analysis

Analyze the unique parking behavior associated with individual tenants/parking groups in an effort to make targeted oversell decisions​ based on each group’s distinct usage patterns.

Online rate survey

Enables users to quickly ascertain how competitor locations are pricing parking on various online sales portals and set up email alerts around competitor price changes.

Daily email digest and alerts

Users can sign up to receive daily and weekly email digests customized to highlight the metrics most relevant to their business and locations. Alerts and anomaly detection functionality can be configured to alert users via email or text based on specified occupancy levels, with the added ability to display in both computer, AND mobile devices.

Future projection

The system will analyze historical and real-time data to make predictions about future occupancy and revenue for up to 30 days in advance.


The Smarking analysis platform can be customized in a number of different ways and includes a host of functionality included but not limited to:

Historical occupancy analysis
  • occupancy over time

  • average occupancy

  • year over year analysis


Revenue analysis

  • by day, week, month or year

  • year over year analysis

  • validation and discount analysis (early bird,
    evening special, etc.)

  • transaction and price / ticket analysis


Duration analysis

  • duration by any parker segmentation (transient
    vs contract vs aggregator)

  • duration analysis by day of week

  • duration analysis by time of entry

  • year over year analysis

All of the above functionality can be customized through any parker segmentation (tenant, validation type, payment method etc.) that is available in the underlying database.

Management and settings

Administrators can add, delete, and edit users for accessibility to the management system as well as their roles, privileges and access permissions to each page of the system.

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