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Automated Yield Management for
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Effortlessly increase asset value through parking revenue

AYM automatically raises and lowers rates based on demand

Proven success - 163% average revenue uplift in over 10 regions

Effortlessly maximizes your asset revenue and value

"Parking is an often-overlooked revenue stream for asset owners. The typical parking asset revenue is in the range of $10-$30/sq. ft in urban areas, with the potential uplift of another $1-$15/sq. ft with dynamic pricing for commercial parking assets.”

Watch your revenue and asset value increase through AYM

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How does it work? 

The automated yield management (AYM) system utilizes Smarking’s baseline business intelligence product to capture historic, real-time, and forecasted demand.


Using the latest demand forecast, AYM sets prices in order to maximize asset revenue given occupancy constraints. Similar to the pricing engines that the hotel and airline industries utilize. 


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By leveraging your locations regional information and allocated spaces, we can forecast the revenue uplift after implementing AYM (automated yield management tool).

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One of our Chicago assets deployed Smarking AYM in March 2019, and we have observed continuously growing revenue increases since then for up to 136% (YOY), annualizing a very meaningful NOI and asset valuation uplift.


Our partnership with Smarking helps us deliver competitive investment performance through economic and property market cycles, which is a driving principle here at LaSalle.” 


Peter Opoku, Asset Manager

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