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Solutions for Parking Asset Owners

Use data to drive pricing and inventory allocation decisions

– increasing revenues at your parking facilities

With Smarking, parking facility owners can leverage the same practices that have been long employed by the hotel and airline industry to manage inventory, reduce costs and maximize revenue.


Smarking enables parking owners to quickly and easily:


  • Understand demand patterns by tenant

  • Allocate inventory based upon data as opposed to intuition

  • Dynamically price inventory based on demand

  • Increase revenue

  • Maximize land use

  • Inform decisions around parking requirements for new developments

  • Increased overall customer and parker satisfaction


Parking data can also be leveraged to make more informed decisions around leasing and development.  Some of our clients include: Brookfield Properties, Boston Properties and Ashkenazy Acquisitions Corporation.

Unlock Your Hidden Revenue with

Automated Yield Management

Unico Properties Case Study

Unico partnered with Smarking to take a data driven approach to managing parking assets, which resulted in an increase of $280,000 in NOI, beating their goal by 40%.  Read More

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