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Parking Solutions for Airports

The complete parking management platform for sophisticated airport parking operations

Airport parking dynamics are changing. With the advent of TNC’s, online sales channels and plentiful off airport parking options – static prices and single product offerings no longer cut it. Smarking gives airports the insights that they need to better understand demand patterns, establish parking products to fit their patron’s needs and dynamically price inventory to maximize revenues.


With Smarking, airport parking operations can:


  • Implement channel or variable pricing strategies

  • Identify the ideal online pricing strategies

  • Allocate staff more efficiently saving labor cost

  • Digitize parking metrics to be communicated to websites via the Smarking API


Some of our airport clients include: Boston Logan International Airport, the San Diego Airport and Edmonton International Airport.

Unlock Your Hidden Revenue with

Automated Yield Management

The San Diego International Airport

The San Diego International Airport uses Smarking to digitize their inventory and communicate real time parking occupancy information to their webpage.

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