Solve hard problems, make a big impact

Be a part of a growing team, innovative culture, and the entire parking industry.

Smarking is a team of data scientists, PhDs, engineers, and business professionals who set out on a journey to bring cutting edge solutions to the parking world. Frustrated by the stagnation of data analytics and yield management technologies in parking, the Smarking team is working to make the lives of parking professionals and parkers easier by bringing innovation to this $50 billion global industry.

Since our launch at MIT in 2014, Smarking has graduated from Y Combinator (Winter 2015), attracted world-class investors, happy customers, and grown into a team with experts from both parking and tech.


Wen Sang, Chief Executive Officer at Smarking

Wen Sang

Chief Executive Officer 

Leader of the team, Wen is an automotive engineer turned entrepreneur who pinpointed the idea behind the company while earning his PhD at MIT. A hustler, doer, and data-driven thinker, he is passionate about fixing up the information inefficiency in the parking industry and a lover of running, sailing, and skiing.
Maokai Lin, Chief Data Scientist at Smarking

Maokai Lin

Chief Data Scientist 

With a PhD in Applied Math / Operations Research from MIT, Maokai has danced with tons of data at Facebook and Morgan Stanley and wants to use his data expertise to propel parking into the future. The winner of a National Olympiad Medal, Maokai also won “fittest baby” in his hometown at 9 months old.


Ross Shanken, Head of Strategic Accounts at Smarking

Ross Shanken

Head of Strategic Accounts

As Head of Strategic Accounts, Ross will focus on accelerating the growth within Smarking’s largest markets. Most recently Ross was CEO and Founder of ParkX, a cloud-based smartphone parking payment solution, where he lead the company through product ideation, initial launch, commercialization, rapid revenue growth and eventually a successful exit. He’s now bringing his incredible demand side insight of the parking industry over to Smarking as they scale.
Cassius Jones, Sr. Account Executive at Smarking

Cassius Jones

Head of Enterprise Accounts

Spearheading Smarking's new business initiatives, Cassius has a passion for discovering new ways to leverage Smarking’s analytics platform. A former UBS banking analyst, Cassius graduated from William and Mary with a degree in Finance and enjoys spending his spare time at the gym and beating his colleagues in board games.


Bill Bonhorst, Executive Account Manager at Smarking

Bill Bonhorst

Executive Account Manager

A self-proclaimed parking nerd with an entrepreneurial spirit, Bill began his parking career in college starting his own valet business and later advancing in the industry working for giants LAZ Parking and Xerox’s State & Local Government Solutions. Bill is a Stanford Certified Project Manager and is scaling client success for Smarking.
Tony Chen, Customer Success Manager at Smarking

Tony Chen

Lead Customer Success Manager

Tony is a Yale grad who recently worked in consulting to help life science companies develop strategies for products ranging from software to pharmaceuticals to biotech devices. He also has experience in programming, using his knowledge from self-learning and programming at a student-run startup to help better understand how to work with software. Tony joins Smarking as a Customer Success Manager and is excited to help parking operators and cities better manage their parking assets

Dan Catalano

Business Operations Specialist
Prior to Smarking, Dan spent nearly a decade as an Algorithmic Trader in Chicago. Dan graduated from Bucknell University with a degree in economics and is currently pursuing his MBA part-time through UC Davis’ Bay Area program.


Weihan Wang, VP of Engineering at Smarking

Weihan Wang

VP of Operations, Product, & Engineering

A PhD dropout from the University of Toronto, Weihan is an entrepreneurial software engineer and manager who brings fifteen years of experience. Before Smarking, Weihan was the CTO of his own successful startup, AeroFS (also out of Y Combinator). He is a lover of reading, the outdoors, and creative entertainments.
Yingxiang Yang, Data Scientist and Software Engineer at Smarking

Yingxiang Yang

Yingxiang joined Smarking after getting his Master's degree in Transportation Engineering from MIT. With a focus on using massive digital traces to understand mobility patterns and transportation systems’ operational status, his research has already been applied in many countries around the world, including the United States, China, Brazil, Austria, and Rwanda. 

Data Scientist and Software Engineer

Tyler Becks, Software Engineer at Smarking

Tyler Becks

Software Engineer

A full-stack engineer and experienced parker himself, Tyler has recently discovered his latent passion for parking. Coming from a background of Oracle, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, and his alma mater, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Tyler is now applying his engineering skills to improve the parking industry. When you meet him, ask him about the time he was smuggled out of a city in Bolivia.
Yinxiao Liu, Software Engineer at Smarking

Software Engineer

A former researcher, Yinxiao received his PhD in Electrical & Computer Engineering. Previously a software engineer at Shell, Yinxiao joined Smarking to focus on providing better technology to the parking industry. In his spare time he enjoys photography; sometimes a scientific problem needs an artist’s eyes.

Yinxiao Liu

Stephen Brennan, Software Engineer at Smarking

Stephen Brennan

Software Engineer

A long time data munger, a recent east coast transplant and bad pun aficionado, Steve brings broad experience and a toy poodle to the team. Steve’s background includes software tools, compiler design, system integration and team building. Steve is looking forward to a fun ride with the Smarking team!


Paul Goldshteyn, Head of Product at Smarking

Paul Goldshteyn

Head of Product

In this role, Paul will focus on accelerating our product vision that is differentiated and delivers unique value based on growing customer demands. Most recently Paul was Lead Product Manager at Hotwire, focused on the shopping experience, with a focus on Hotel and Car Supply, where he was responsible for ideation, discovery, strategy, and ongoing optimization.


Shavonne Reel-Graham, Office Manager at Smarking

Shavonne Reel-Graham

Office Manager

Formerly with Sephora, Shavonne is a talented PR strategist that has successfully conceptualized and executed multi-tiered programs and events.